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Medical Marijuana Delivery in Ellsworth
(all patients must be 21 or over)
Edend Gate Marijuana Delivery in Ellsworth

Current Menu: Candy Kush, PineApple Express, Medijuana, Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, Bon Bon D'Amour


Medical Marijuana Tincture Ellsworth Maine

Medical Marijuana Tincture
Top Shelf Quality Vol. 200 ml / Approximatly 10,000 mg THC

Edens Gate is a State licensed Medical marijuana caregiver now accepting new patients, I have been growing Excellent buds for years ! Now offering free delivery in Ellsworth. Not all strains are available at the same time. We offer Sativa and Indica with many hybrids for specific taste. We will deliver to the surrounding are within 30 miles from Ellsworth, 1/2 ounce minimum in Bar Harbor.
Looking for good, dependable clients who are seeking a safe, reliable & professional caregiver. Short or long term is fine, ask me about strains and availability. Out of State visitors are welcome!

Medical Marijuana Cards $59

Maine Medical Marijuana Card Certification and renewal

Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Downeast Maine; Hancock County & Penobscot County engaging in Lawful Conduct for a Licensed Medical Marijuana Caregiver in Maine



5.8.1 Lawful possession. A primary caregiver may
possess up to 2 ½ ounces of prepared marijuana for
each qualifying patient served.

Medical Marijuana Delivery in Ellsworth , organic, fresh, indoor buds, from a small craft grower. Edens Gate can fill full script orders to reduce driving for rural residence. (2.5 oz.)

Current medical marijuana menu:

Current Menu: Candy Kush, L A Confidential, Peyote Critical, Medijuana, Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, LA Amnesia

Eden's Gate is a licensed Medical Marijuana Care Giver providing Medical Marijuana in the Bar Harbor to Bangor area. If you intend to purchase as a new contact, please remember to have a written recommendation for Medical Marijuana or preferably a patients Medical Marijuana ID Card.


Maine State Medical Marijuana Green Tourism!

Come To The Beautiful "State Of Maine- Vacation Land" Maine Is Now 100% Medical Marijuana Friendly! "All Out Of State Written MMJ Recommendations!" Are "Completely Legal" & Honored Here! By Our New Maine State Medical Marijuana Law!Just Be Sure To Bring All Your "Legal & Medical Paperwork, State ID & Written Recommendation" From Your Home State!
"Out of state'rs need a photo I'd and a valid certification from their home state which they will take to a Maine physician.  Once the Maine physician verifies the need for medical marijuana then he or she may write a Maine certification. The  patient would take both certifications, their photo I'd from their state to a dispensary or caregiver. Then and only then  can the Maine certification be honored."This Will Allow You To Be Legally Covered Under The Maine Medical Marijuana Law. For You To Legally Have & You Can Then Buy It Legally From "Any Dispensary" Or Any "Maine Licensed Caregiver" So You Can Have Your Medical Cannabis  & Buy It As Well While Your Here Visiting Maine, & Legally Use Your Medical Marijuana While Here As a Visitor In Maine!(Per Marietta. D'Agostino Head Of DHHS Augusta Maine State Medical Marijuana Program. 7-17-13)
From Maine's Head Of DHHS Augusta MMP Email Rules Concerning Out Of State'rs Medical Marijuana Patients

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Medical Marijuana Delivery from Ellsworth, Maine

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